BULLIES come in all ages

BULLIES come in all ages
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Surround yourself with positive people,
energy, and situations;
always avoid negativity.


Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So, love the people who treat you right.

Forgive, and then forget about the ones who don't.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sassy Says

Love is kinda crazy with a spooky
little girl like me*.
(* you)

This week's musical memory is by a group with whom I happen to have a personal connection.

See if you can follow this:
My first college roommate's brother was college roommates with Dennis Yost at Jacksonville University.
(Kind of a stretch, huh?)

The Classics IV was a band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1965. They are given credit for beginning the "soft southern rock" sound. The band and its lead singer Dennis Yost are principally known for the hits "Spooky" and "Stormy", both released in 1968 and both of which have become cover standards. (wikipedia)

My favorite song by The Classics IV is "Everyday With You Girl", but I thought this would be more appropriate today.


Anonymous said...

Well, you're practically related to that Yost guy! Spooky!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm going to have all sorts of earworms now -

It is going to be hard for me to get 'Traces' out of my head now!

It was a song my female chorus did when I was in 7th grade - oh the high notes I could hit THEN!

Sierra Rose said...

Loved this great tune! What a connection! :)
Noticed the gift exchange...the holidays are creepin' up suuuuuper fast!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Suka said...

hey Sassy,

Scary video! The song was pretty cool but before my time. My human said it was a "blast from the past." Thanks for setting the mood for this spooky Halloween week-end!



Madi and Mom said...

I LOVE IT Sassy!!! Thanks for the memory!! Tell mom I did follow her story and WOW!!! I had no idea the band was formed in J'ville!!
Hugs Madi and Mom

Mango said...

You don't look spooky, you look adorable.


Susan said...

Will have to listen later. Sounds like the connection is close enough to me! And Sassy looks like she could be singing!

Gloria said...

Great memories this morning, loved that song!

countryliving said...

Spooky for sure...........

Be careful, be very careful...

At least you have connections, huh?

Dawn said...

Awwww the memories. I was 9 yrs old in 68 - I have older sisters and of course followed there every move and we all loved listening to music! I think it's great that we have YouTube to take us back!

Hound Girl said...

Super cool post today Miss Sassy, you look so cute!

Priscilla said...

Oh Sassy, you're beautiful. Are you howling because of the coming of Halloween?

Thanks for sharing the tune, it's great!

Sharon said...

I look kind of like that when I howl - only different colors!


Remington said...

Beth here....Oh the memories! I LOVE your blog. You always stir up some memory for me. Thank you!

Kari in WeHo said...

you look a little spooky in that photo!


♥I am Holly♥ said...

I remember that song very well. One of my many favorites!! Is Sassy singing along with the song or is she howling because it's almost Howloween! Lots of love, Holly and mom

3 doxies said...

OMG...I didn't realize he had died from a previous brain injury. Yea, I knaows dat was totally off da subject but anyways I will singing dat song allllll day long nows and my mum ain't gonna be's happy cuz it won't be U2...hehehee!
Uh, we ain't really fans of no team but my dad is a fan of Ourdue since he went to grad scholl theres. He went to Clemson fur undergrad but could careless bouts da their team.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great song - even better pic - you howl away, Sassy.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Anonymous said...

Haha! That was a super song, Sassy! And I could tell from your picture that you were doing a Most Excellent job of singing right along with it!

Wiggles & Wags,

dewdana said...

Great song and a great pic of Sassy too... She is a sassy girl!