BULLIES come in all ages

BULLIES come in all ages
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Surround yourself with positive people,
energy, and situations;
always avoid negativity.


Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So, love the people who treat you right.

Forgive, and then forget about the ones who don't.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sakes Alive, Snake # Five

As mentioned previously, we see plenty of wildlife around our house. Unfortunately, it's not always cute and furry critters. D caught the fifth copperhead of the season yesterday. I hate snakes!!!! I wish I didn't. If they would stay in the woods, where they belong, I could handle co-existing much easier. But, no, they have to come around the house and make themselves obvious. My husband doesn't kill snakes (or anything for that matter)...he catches them, transports them to an undisclosed location, and sets them free.
Sassy was bitten by a copperhead that was warming itself on the hot driveway one evening last summer. I've never witnessed any living creature in so much pain. The poor dog literally ran around the house, attempting to escape the pain on her paw. She suffered greatly for weeks and will always have her black "snake tattoo".
Tread Lightly, my Friends.

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MaryBeth said...

Ick... how does he catch them without fear of being bitten himself?!?