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BULLIES come in all ages
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy Critters

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program, Sunday is for Family, for the following special announcement.

Gimme a break!

I'm skeptical, to say the least.

I'd love to hear from you if your pups have, or had Crazy Critters.

Happy Trails,


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

They really should be Khrazy Khritters but....

I have one - a skhwirrel of khourse!

I'm not a furry good gauge bekhause I'm non-destrukhtive when it khomes to my toys!

PeeEssWoo: Did woo get any fun weather?

Stella, Gunther & Betty said...

LOL! Ms. K, don't be skeptical. We got one of those non-stuffies for Stella at Petco or Petsmart (I can't remember which). We call it her 'roadkill'. She LOVES it! I think her roadkill is a squirrel and she drags that thing around and shakes it. It's really funny. I'll try to get a pic or video of her killin' it for the 403rd time and post it.

Give the gang kisses for me,

Bobby said...

Ah we have not had a crazy critter, we have had other indestructible toys. It becomes a challenge, WE WIN

~Kim~ said...

THANKS for my 5 AM chuckle!! If we had this in our house, it would be a dead critter!! I don't think there has been a soft toy made yet that could withstand the collaborative damage a couple in our crew could cause! If there is, I'd love to know about it!

chelle said...

I saw that commercial too, and I thought to myself, just because it doesn't have stuffing in it, doesn't mean that they won't get torn apart just like any other toy....but who knows...

Anonymous said...

Tootie sez an old sock that smells like her mama is just fine for her. That and her ring toss toy bought at Dollar Tree. And since I propped Dear Husband's guitar case in front of the footboard on our bed, she doesn't chew on it anymore!


kks said...

infomercials are always soo annoying....but from my perspective i'd give these little critters a try...benny and richard like to destroy toys, so i have stopped buying the big plush, golden retriever loving toys! for ten bucks i'd buy these!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Ms. K and pups.....now crazy critters for Madi...she is crazy enough on her own.
Madi and Mom

Mango said...

Hey! We had one of those. PeeWee ate it's belly and totally pooped out a HUGE piece of fabric. Sigh.


Byron said...

We got Byron a similar one for Christmas and in the five minutes I left the room Christmas morning to start breakfast, he ate it, whole! Not a trace left behind. I watched the backyard for days for it to 're-appear' and finally gave up thinking I must have missed it in the snow. Twenty days after Christmas day, surprise! He threw it up, still whole. We are very lucky nothing more serious happened and Byron is back to only having toys with supervision.

Kathy said...

I played the video. Raider heard the squeaky sound and was begging me to get one for him!

I would really love to find a non-destructible toy for "JAWS"!

His teddy bear has been re-sewn so many times I've lost track!
Hugs, Kath

Gloria said...

Do they make wee ones for Billy's size? He is not destructive any way. Though a few toys in the past have lost their squeak from sharp little teeth.

Twinkietinydog said...

Honestly, I only enjoyed the first 6 seconds of this, the part where they unstuffy the creature. Who needs something durable? Bo-ring!

Amber and Nala said...

Yep, Nala has a couple of these. She likes them but I don't think they could withstand a doggie wanting to rip them apart...stuffing or not. Nala just doesn't rip things up anymore. She's matured. ;) I used to have to sew things up for her all the time but it's not an issue now.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Haven't heard of these---but if they do work with puppies and their 'chewing'--maybe they will be worth getting...

The sun is out here today. YEAH!!!

JackDaddy said...

HA! I didn't see a lab in that whole commercial. Evidently, they don't know what true destructive power is! :)

Chester said...

When are 2 leggers gonna figger out that indestructible is a major marketing term? It means absolutely the same thing as "hand over the cash and you won't get hurt" It's also spelled RIP-OFF.

My PUs have learned that there is no such thing as indestructible, at least when I am involved.

Woofs and indestructible slobbers,
Chester ;0=)

Twix said...

I BOL when I saw this! I don't destroy them anymore but as a youngster I would destroy anything Mom brought home. She even brought home things for big tough dogs and I still managed to destroy them!

Mango said...

Hey! Glad you liked my momma's hat! She usually wears totally dorky stuff. She got that one at the Land's End store at Sears (but I bet they have it online). She says it is pretty warm too and has a cool visor to keep the sun out. She got size S/M because it is kind of stretchy.


Alex93andme said...

I've never seen those before. I can't imagine a toy that Holly can't chew up since she chewed the couch apart as a puppy! (Just one entire cushion..that's all..along with the pillow).

The OP Pack said...

We don't have any crazy critters of that kind around here, but if we did, Mom says she is sure at least one of us would want to get that squeaker OUT!!!

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Sam said...

I have something very similar to that called Skinzzz or something.. it's basically a stuffie without the stuffing, and the squeakers broke super fast. Marge still likes to shake it around sometimes, but I don't really recommend them to anyone.

River said...

We gave one like that as a present to a friend beagle and she loves it more than anything! Carries it around everywhere.

love & wags,

Farley's Mom said...

Farley has a stuff-less stuffie, and it is still in once piece. But he's usually pretty gentle with his stuffies. He still has one from when he was a baby :)

Samantha said...

hmmmnnn. We have such a Critter - a skunk one - and Sammie has never been interested in it!!! But then again, lately, she like nothing more than her kong on a rope, natch, and her nylabone. She used to play with squeaker toys, but is totally less interested in toys these days. I wonder if I should be worried?
Hugs xo
Sammie and mom

Ina in Alaska said...

We got a non stuffed stuffie from Mitch and Maggie in our Christmas pressie package and Jeter just LOVES it! I think I will only buy non stuffed stuffies from now on. Oh who am I kidding, I buy any cute toy, stuffed or not.

Missed Sundays are for Families. I used you as an inspiration for my Sunday memories posts. xoxo

Mochi and Mommy said...

I don't have any Crazy Critters, but I think I would destroy it really fast! :)


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

We don't have one but stuffing or not, Samantha will still destroy it. She could tear it apart!

dewdana said...

I have tried this: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=18869
which looks an awful lot like it but sells for $6.99.
Moose really loved it, he surgically removed the sqeaker then played with the pelt for awhile. I suppose that one could be made of stronger fabric but since Moose can chew through pressurized cans I don't see it stopping him! I have searched for indestructible toys for moose but it turns out that if he can't tear it up it is not fun for him! His favorites are the bungee toys so he can tug with them. He will desqueak them but they still work and will live on as mute critters for months and months!