BULLIES come in all ages

BULLIES come in all ages
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dave Letterman Married

I'm watching Letterman (Tues. 12:03am) and Dave just announced that he and long-time girlfriend, Regina Lasko, were married March 19. Dave and Regina are the parents of 5 year old Harry!!!

I don't usually care about this sort of thing, but Letterman is my favorite...and being able to watch him every night is one of the great things about being retired.

Way to go Dave!!!

From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Late-night TV comic David Letterman has quietly married his longtime girlfriend, telling audience members of his show on Monday that he almost missed the ceremony because his truck was stuck in mud.

Letterman, 61, and Regina Lasko tied the knot during a courthouse ceremony near their Montana ranch last Thursday. The couple, who have been dating since 1986, were accompanied by their 5-year-old son, Harry.

" ... I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I -- honestly, whether this happened or not -- I secretly felt that men who were married admired me ... like I was the last of the real gunslingers," Letterman said, according to a "Late Show" transcript provided by a spokesman.

But the afternoon ceremony at the Teton County Courthouse in Choteau (pop. 1,700) was delayed by an hour because the family's pickup truck was stuck in mud two miles from their house. Letterman was forced to walk back in a howling gale to get the car.
"So then we get in the car and Harry says, 'Are we still going into town?' and I said, 'Yes, we are,' and he gets very upset because Mom had told him if I wasn't back in an hour, the deal was off."

Letterman's spokesman declined to reveal any details about the ceremony, or to give Lasko's age. Letterman, who was married once before, is intensely private, and is rarely photographed with his family.

The news of his nuptials was first broken by celebrity tabloid US Weekly.

(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

Happy Trails,


Shellmo said...

I believe his wife is 48. I've always liked David Letterman!

Anonymous said...

I like Letterman too!
Thanks.....(I fall asleep sometimes and miss the show!)


Mason Dixie said...

Wow I did not even know he was not married.

Anonymous said...

I like Letterman too..and now because I'm retired, I can stay up that late. (I can sleep past 4:30am now too!)

Bette- CTAntique

Anonymous said...




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