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BULLIES come in all ages
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Sad News From the Trail

I was saddened to read that there have been 2 more deaths of dogs on the trail, including Maynard from Warren Palfrey's team.
I waited for Warren to arrive in Nome last night (watching Nome Cam) and I was beginning to think that I had missed him, because it was taking so long for him to get there.
According to the LA Times, Warren was about an hour from the race's finish line at the time of Maynard's death. I know Kate and Warren are heartbroken.

An 8-year-old male named Omen in musher Rick Larson’s team died early Friday on the trail between the Elim and White Mountain checkpoints. Necropsies will be performed on both dogs to determine cause of death.

I feel terrible for these mushers, as I know most of them consider their dogs members of the family, as we do our own pets.

Rest in Peace

Grasshopper, Dizzy, Victor, Maynard, and Omen.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I love that you came up here to Alaska and have posted these great words & thoughts.
I ALSO love visiting your pages & family will come back often.
See you next trip,

Mason Dixie said...

So sad to hear, that does make one wonder if the sport is worth the life of a family member.

Shellmo said...

This makes me even sadder. Can't they shorten the race or have relay teams? Doesn't seem fair to treat the dogs this way.

Alexandra said...

That is such sad news. Darn it. Especially such noble laborers. I love Sassy's saying. Very good. Sometimes I feel like the devils says when I get up, "OH boy, now we're going to have some fun." :)
Hopefully it's more the other, though.
Big Hug ~

Maria said...

Hi, Kit!

I don't know, what to say. I have ambivalent feelings. Mushers and dogs do their best, it is wonderful. But the race is a hard, serious, and life threatening job for hunam and animal athletes.

There is an article on adn. com, http://www.adn.com/iditarod/2009/story/731154.html
Shana's comment: "On the The biggest part of this race is the fact that those dogs and mushers are racing against mother nature. Every other sport has gotten "soft". the Iditarod is a race against more than just man and dogs, it is a survivalist race thats what makes us Alaskans people."

Yes, the race is this, but sport, and business too. But I think the dog's life is the mushers' responsibility

Rest in peace Grasshopper, Dizzy, Victor, Maynard, and Omen.

Maria said...

Hi, Kit!

I don't know what to say!

Read this comment on adn. com.

akbmd wrote:
The sudden death syndrome that is happening with some of these Iditarod dogs on the trail in unknown. No one knows why these dogs collapse when they appear healthy, and conditioned. I notice they usually happen with the mushers at the end of the trail whose dogs are getting the most rest. I work at a veterinarian office and I see many dogs that also collapse without warning and come in critical or deceased. It may not be anything unnatural at all, it is just that we are watching a select few in the population.

Rest in peace Grasshopper, Dizzy, Victor, Maynard, and Omen.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

R.I.P victor, grasshopper, dizzy, maynard and omen. to the mushers i am so sorry for your loses.
lablady i just want to say thank you, reading your blog always makes me feel better.


Robby said...

I love watching the iditarod on TV and in movies. It is such a huge race and the endurance needed is mind boggling. I am sure the dogs enjoy it. They are so well looked after and the mushers love the dogs. It is sad that the dogs have died. I don't know what else to say. xxxRobby