BULLIES come in all ages

BULLIES come in all ages
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sled Dogs are Loved

I realize that some people believe that sled dog racing is a cruel sport. I cannot honestly say that all dogs are treated equally, just as all children, unfortunately, do not receive the same care. However, I can say that I only observed healthy, happy, and loved dogs.

I watched this young lady walk to each dog in her family's team, sharing whispers, hugs and kisses.

The Bond

Wishing his buddy a good race.

Getting a rub down before the harness.

Jeff King started the race carrying 2 of his dogs in the sled.
He refers to his team as, "a set of fine china".

Sled dogs are bred and live to run, just like race horses. Sled dogs love to run like Labs loves to retrieve.
Yes, the conditions are often harsh and cruel on the trail, but I can assure you that the mushers take better care of their dogs than they do themselves.
There are veterinarians at each checkpoint to monitor the dogs' health. If a vet determines that the dog is unable to continue, the dog is given excellent care at the checkpoint until it can he flown back to Anchorage.
I am an animal lover (especially dogs) and I would not support any activity that I considered cruel or inhumane. After spending time with Wayne and Scarlett Hall and their dogs in Eagle, and now having been to the Iditarod, I am more convinced than ever that professional sled dogs are some of the happiest, luckiest, and most loved dogs in the world.

Happy Trails,


Anonymous said...

great pics lablady.....i am jelous, wish i could have been there too!

Anonymous said...

BudO_Fbks you wrote...
"If you ever watch a team of huskies take off on a run, you'll never again wonder about the ethics of this sport, or how the dogs feel about it! You'll never see more obvious elation in any animal- to see their eager faces,full of enthusiasm, doing what they absolutely live for, will put a smile on the stoniest of faces."

I checked out LabLady's Blog and you can really see this in the pics
Thanks for the pics


Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

I totally agree. My family has raised sled dogs since I can remember. All those stupid puppies were the responsibility of us older grandchildren! I say stupid because my grandparents and uncles and parents just let them run around all day, and we had to run with them...and when I was a kid, I thought I hated it. Now I know I loved it! They are all loved probably more than us kids were! They were fed at regular intervals and we had to fend for ourselves! haha... J/K but really, they're treated like part of the family...all 90 of them! :) -Katak Harris...part of the Doc Harris sprint racing tradition...