BULLIES come in all ages

BULLIES come in all ages
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If You Want a Friend in Washingon

In his election-night victory speech, Barack Obama promised his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, they could have a puppy in the White House. He later said Malia is allergic and they would need a "hypoallergenic" dog, and that they also wanted a shelter dog. Obama told George Stephanopoulos, of ABC News, that the family has narrowed the choice to either a Portuguese Water Dog or Labradoodle, both low-shredders. President Obama (I like the sound of that) said finding the right dog has been "tougher than finding a Commerce secretary."

The White House never seems to have a shortage of pets and throughout history the pets have received a great deal of press coverage. Here are a few former White House critters.

Spotty and Barney Bush

Buddy Clinton

Socks Clinton

Millie Bush

Liberty Ford

Checkers Nixon

Him and Her Johnson
(I hate this picture)

Kennedy Dogs

Caroline's Pony, Macaroni

Heidi Eisenhower

Fala Roosevelt

(Fala attended FDR's funeral)

Pauline the Cow Taft

Regardless of the breed, the White House needs a dog. Every home needs a dog and every dog needs a home. And don't forget the old saying, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog".




Mason Dixie said...

what a great line of dogs at the white house. Thank you for sharing all that history. =)

Anonymous said...

Loved the Presidential Pets! The names as well as the treatment speaks to the Johnson attitude toward them. I never liked the pic either. The Kennedys had it going on! SH

Arbo said...

Labradoodles start lobbying efforts to become the next first dog. Visit www.labradoodlesforobama.com to learn more. VOTE LABRADOODLE!

Chester's Mom said...

That was a perfectly appropriate post! We could all learn a few lessons on how to get along with each other from our dogs. Great pictures and I will use it to give Chester a history lesson about White House dogs.

Kris10 said...

Thanks for the history lesson. Those photos are really interesting.

Melissa said...

The past President's have had some adorable pets.

The next one is sure to be even cuter.