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BULLIES come in all ages
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sassy-Clean Inside and Outside

Two days ago I made a comment on another lab blog about how Sassy loves to eat my facial cleansing cloths. Labs will eat anything! Am I right lab owners? I am very careful not to leave my used cloths on the side of the tub. This morning I heard a little commotion in the bathroom and by the time I turned around to investigate, Sassy had helped herself to a new, unused cloth. She had to practically crawl into the tub in order to reach the box. I only caught a glimpse of white and was unable to reach far enough down her throat to retrieve it (without choking her to death).

Exhibit A: The Cloth

I was surprised she was able to swallow the dry, 7" x 6" cloth without getting choked. We called our pediatrician (aka VET) and were instructed to give her a tablespoon of canola oil. She loved it, so we gave her 2 tablespoons-she's a large dog and we were scared.

I remained on POOP PATROL, waiting for the cloth to pass, for 2 hours. I took her out to chase the tennis ball, play tug-of-war, walked her around her favorite poop spots-but nothing was moving!!!!

We called the vet again and were told to give her 2 more tablespoons of oil!
Hubby took her out again to play with Buddy and Zack-SUCCESS!!!!
He proudly carried the trophy (on a stick) to show me because he knew how happy it would make me. (Yeah, I know, we need to get a life!)

Exhibit B: Guilty Dog

I tell you this so you will know what to do the next time your dog (especially labs) ingests something that needs to pass quickly. Apparently the oil did the trick and we didn't have to worry about the cloth possibly getting twisted around her bowels or causing a blockage, which would have resulted in surgery.

After her bath last week and today's episode, I can safely to say that Sassy is clean on the outside and inside.

Note: I apologize to those of you who are not dog owners and may have found this post offensive.
At least I didn't post a picture of the trophy. As Vicki in North Dakota said, "I think I can visualize that one."

I hope after reading the above story, my friend Deb at Posted From Home, doesn't change her mind about passing on the Proximidade Blog Award to me!

This award is to be passed on to bloggers you feel invest in the PROXIMITY of space, time and relationships. Include their link in the post and let them know they have been given the award.

I am passing the award to:

Liz at Ninny's Notes (Congrats on the new granddaughter!)

Robin at Bird In The Hand Primitives

Amanda at 2 fun Sons

Karen at From NY to NC to AK

Congratulations Ladies, I love your blogs!!!!


Karen Travels said...


Mason Dixie said...

Wow, that is crazy, my Aunt Mabel is a black lab but I do not think she has ever eaten anything like that, to my knowledge. Glad you passed it =)

Chester's Mom said...

Gee, I wish Mom woulda known about that when I ate the fingers out of her glove on Sunday. Monday morning's constitutional was a little painful but I managed to pass it and not feeling altogether clean, I had to drag my posterior across the frozen grass.
Ew-weeeee that was cold. You'd think I'd learn but just in case, I'm gonna give Mom this helpful hint. Thanks a bunch! Chester
ps. I'm so glad all's well that ends well for Sassy!

Amanda L said...

Thanks for the award! That story was to funny. I hope she doesn't think the Canola oil was a reward for eating the cloth thus perpetuating the cycle.

Liz said...

What a funny, funny story! I enjoyed it so much. My sister-in-law had a laso alpso (sp! one of those breeds, anyway) who loved white socks, especially freshly laundered socks. This resulted in not one, but two surgeries in her life to remove the wads of elastisized cotton. I think all dogs will eat anything, as evidenced by a poodle I had once who loved to eat (don't gag) other dog's poop. Don't let the dog food companies fool you. Gourmet kibbles aren't necessary to appease a dog's palette!

Deb said...

You REALLY deserve the award :-)
Poor Sassy ...the canola oil idea is one I will remember. I like the all natural remedies best too. Benny's favourite thing to eat was dirt :-)

Samantha: said...

Oh boy - I do understand! And I don't think labs are the only ones guilty of the tissue thing. If mom or dad forget to raise the wastebasket up high before they leave the house, I'm on any tissues in there that I can get. I haven't been able to get one for a long, long time, but I'm so glad Sassy got rid of it, so to speak.

Shellmo said...

I'm so glad it came out safely! This was deja vous for me! I had a black lab that ate some paper towel and it came out partially - and let's just say I had to help it along by using some tongs!

Edie and Gus said...

Hi, I'm Gus and I eat everything. My favorites are basketball socks (dirty and fortunately the small ankle socks), stuffing from pillows, stuffed toys, fluff out of comforters, whole sticks of unattended butter (no canola needed), and entire filets of salmon (cooked or fresh, no matter)
Oh, and I ate a rope once.
I will now try facial cloths just for fun. Thanks for such a good idea!

Edie thinks a jug of Canola sounds like a great investment.
Dad's best quote, which I am sure only dog owners will appreciate:
"It's amazing what comes out of his butt!"

Trusty Gus (trust me to eat anything) from Alaska

Anonymous said...

And here I thought only Cami and Brandy were part goat! Neither could be left with a trash can of tissue! Cami will still slip in the bathroom and shred as many as she can find! And then there was the time Brandy ate record albums. I guess she needed a little more fiber! So glad Sassy is OK! SH

countryliving said...

Oh you are too funny...........
(still able to visualize....argh)
Vicki- from N.D.

Chrissie said...

Yes, I know that story well :) My Nellie, was a handkerchief eater and now Ben is a paper tissue eater. Did you see Marley and Me or read the book where Marley ate the gold necklace? Fortunately, it did appear again. Aren't Labs precious :)))